About Us

Our Company

Out of a mutual love of specialty coffee and a desire to caffeinate the greater St. Louis area (and beyond), Bryndon and Collin Bay founded First Crack Coffee in 2013. Having experienced many groggy moments traveling abroad while working for Mel Bay Publications, the brothers found a remedy by hitting the bean hard. The Bays learned about roasting from Ben Myers at 1000 Faces Coffee (Athens, GA) before focusing their attention on coffee equipment distribution. First Crack proudly offers the highest-grade product from top coffee equipment manufacturers all over the world: Proaster roasters, La Marzocco espresso machines, Mahlkonig grinders, Kinto small wares and more. Drop us a line to hear more about First Crack’s coffee equipment distribution, training and support!

Why “First Crack”? One of the hallmark phases in the coffee roasting process is the first crack of the beans—the point at which the cell structure releases water and the beans audibly pop like popcorn. Beans given a lighter roast are pulled shortly after first crack.

Oh… and for some of us, coffee is what gets us amped; it was, after all, the world’s first crack!