PROASTER Coffee Roasters


First Crack Coffee is proud to offer PROASTER Roasters, Afterburners, and Vacuum Destoners.  Sizes range from sample roasters to 120kg roasters.  When you purchase a PROASTER Roaster from First Crack we can provide training, installation, consultation, maintenance, and in some cases same-day shipping.

Taehwan Automation, parent company of PROASTER, began as a manufacturer of automatic grain roasters.  It quickly evolved into a global leader in coffee roaster manufacturing, capturing over 70% market share in its native South Korea.

PROASTER draws on over 20 years of roaster building to create machines substantially different from any other on the market.  Created by engineers in cooperation with expert coffee roasters, utilizing feedback from licensed Q Graders and award-winning baristas, PROASTER manufactures sturdy, dependable, easy-to-use and adaptable machines able to meet the needs of any coffee roaster.

Behind the classic exterior of these machines lies an innovative design that has earned international acclaim.  PROASTER roasters are fully customizable to suit individual roasters’ needs.  Air quality issues can be eliminated through PROASTER’s line of Afterburner Smoke Removal systems.

Please contact First Crack Coffee to if you would like to know more about why a PROASTER Roaster may be the right roaster for you.  We can also provide information regarding availability, options, and shipping costs.  Let us know if you would like to try roasting on a PROASTER as we can in most cases arrange for you to use one of the roasters in our St. Louis, MO facility.

Finally, we know these machines are critical to your business and to your vision as a roaster.  The cost can be a large hurdle to jump and we invite the opportunity to discuss with you ways in which First Crack can facilitate your purchase.  We look forward to serving you and your business in the years to come!